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Papillon sells a wide selection of dog supplies to wholesalers, retailers, discounters, and retail and garden chains. Our focus is on providing quality products in small quantities, coupled with exceptional service and competitive prices. From treats and walking accessories to the most fun toys. Explore our offerings for dogs and find inspiration for your inventory.

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At Papillon, you will find an nice selection of cat supplies. We provide what cats need for a happy life, including scratching posts, collars, cozy chairs, and litter solutions. Browse our variety to see what we have to offer.

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Papillon offers a few products for small animals. Our selection features bedding and outdoor runs, promoting cleanliness in cages and offering security and freedom for small animals.

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At Papillon, we regularly introduce new products to keep our selection updated. Explore our selection and discover the newest products in our range.

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Annualy, we publish the updated collection in our catalogues. For a full overview of entire collection in PDF, please click here to download the catalog.
If you prefer to receive our catalog via regular mail, please contact us.

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